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Spanish Mackerel
Hatteras Spanish Mackerel Fishing

Spanish Mackerel are our bread and butter for summer time Half Day Trips.  They range from 14" to 5-6lbs.  They usually start showing up in May and can be caught all the way into September.  They make GREAT ceviche!!!

King Mackerel
Hatteras King Mackerel Fishing

King Mackerel fishing in Hatteras is usually best in the mid to late fall.  The big smoker kings show up along the beach sometime around the end of September to the middle of October.  They slowly migrate offshore and we can usually catch a few through December even into January.  The peak time to catch the most fish is usually the beginning to middle of November.

Hatteras Trigger Fishing

Triggerfish can be caught year round out of Hatteras.  In the summer months though they come in close enough to be able to catch them during our have day trips. They also make for a good Plan B if the offshore trolling bite isn't that good. They are fun to catch on light tackle and make great table fare.  A blackened triggerfish sandwich is about as good as you can get.

Hatteras Amberjack Fishing

Amberjack are pound for pound probably the strongest fish in the ocean.  They will put up a great fight especially on light tackle.  They don't get the nickname "reef donkey" for nothing.  They can be caught year round out of Hatteras, but like triggerfish they can be caught on the inshore wrecks in the summer months during our half day trips.  They range from 5-50lbs with most of the fish in the 25 lb range.  If you want to challenge your angling skills these will put you to the test.

Hatteras Fishing Charters

Fishing Charteras Hatteras

Whatever Sportfishing Target Species

Cape Hatteras, NC is renowned for its offshore fishing.  Just a short ride to the world famous Gulf Stream provides Hatteras with fishing grounds that are unlike any other on the enitre east coast.  We can catch a variety of species on any given day.  At some point through out the year just about every species that lives in the Atlantic Ocean swims by Hatteras.  Below is a list of what we catch and what time of year you can most likely find them in the waters off Cape Hatteras.

Hatteras Shark Fishing

Sharks can be caught year round out of Hatteras.  Our shark trips specialize in catching nothing but the "big" boys from Black Tips, Sandbars, and Makos to Tiger Sharks in the 400# plus range.  With over 20 years expierence commercial fishing for Sharks we know right where they live and when they like to be there.  Makos are obviously the best tasting shark but a blacktip, silky, or thresher shark taste pretty darn good on the grill as well.  As long as they are cleaned quickly and CORRECTLY they are good to eat.  All sharks have a kidney vein that runs along their spine.  It's covered by a white membrane that makes it hard to find unless you cut through the membrane.  If you do not scrape this vein clean out of the shark the urea in the kidney vein will slowly leak into the flesh and ruin the meat. 

Snowy Groupers
Hatteras Grouper Fishing

Snowy Groupers can be caught year round out of Hatteras.  We are only allowed 1 per day so we don't plan a trip around them but if we are in the deep and there is no current we certainly will make a drop and catch one of these unbelievably good eating creatures.  They typically range from 5 to 60lbs and put a a pretty good fight.  Once you have tried a piece of snowy you will want to caught one everytime you go fishing.  They are usually caught in deep water so we typically use electric reels to catch them but if you are up for cranking up to 900 feet of line we catch them vertical jigs as well.

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