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Hatteras Fishing Report

Tuesday, July 30 2013

We had a half day this mornings charter.  We started out looking around the inlet but the only thing we found was dirty water and grass.  A couple of the commercial boats had reported a few spanish and cleaner water up to the east so we worked up that way.  We found the clear water just about even with the village, and it wasn't long til we started getting a pretty consistant bluefish bite.  There was plenty of bait and life and no shortage of bluefish.  We were able to put together a pretty decent catch of blues with a couple spanish mackerel mixed in.  My group from Oklahoma really enjoyed the action and were slinging them as fast as they could by the end.  I'm sure they'll have a killer fish fry too.  Offshore there was a pretty decent billfish bite again along with some good wahoo and fair dolphin fishing.  Plenty of open days available in August.  Give us a call if you want to go fishing.  

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Wednesday, July 24 2013

Well with the report from yesterday we thought for sure we were going to have plenty of bailer dolphin action.  Little did we know that the conditions had completely changed around overnight.  Where there had been 3 1/2-4 kts of current and grass lines there was no current and not much grass to go with it.  We searched the shallows all morning looking for a wahoo bite or a dolphin but we found none.  There was a decent Marlin bite offshore so we headed that way.  On our way to the deep we caught a nice wahoo and a few dolphin.  Once we got to the deep their was plenty of action.  We manged to land 1 out of 4 white marlin with all the of them putting on a show.  The boats around us had several blue marlin encounters as well.  I heard of atleast 2 triple header blue marlin bites!!! The weather looks great for the next few days and we have plenty of open days.  Give us a call if you want to go fishing.  252-996-0549.


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Thursday, July 18 2013

After a frustrating day yesterday we redeemed ourselves today. It was slick calm glassy with some great action all day. We caught some nice wahoos and some big gaffer dolphin. What a difference a day makes!

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Wednesday, July 17 2013

Today the Marlin fishing was pretty good....just not for us. We saw several fish caught right next to us but we never got a turn. Thats marlin fishing. We did manage to catch a few blackfin tuna and pulled off a big wahoo on the fast troll

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Thursday, July 11 2013

The weather this whole summer has been horrible and this past week was no different with plenty of wind and rain with a scattered thunderstorm mixed in.  The good news is the weather looks to be finally straightening out and we have some good conditions on the way.  The fishing has been good when boats can get offshore.  Plenty of Dolphin and Marlins around.  There have been a few wahoo showing up as well.  Now is the time to book your trip.  We still have plenty of days available in July and August.  Give us a call or email and we will get you out of the office and on the pristine waters of the Gulf Stream catching you that fish of a lifetime.  252-996-0549

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Thursday, July 04 2013

Two half days today. Not much going on around the inlet.  The water is still super dirty from all the rain and wind we had at the beginning of the week.  I decided to go a little further offshore to look around for some better water.  We found some scattered grass and flyers in about 80ft of water.  There were a few Dolphins around and we were able to scrap out a few for each group. We did have a few king mackerel bites but weren't able to hang on to any.  Plenty of Atlantic Sharp Nose Sharks on the bad bottom to pull on as well.  It was a great day to be in the ocean with near perfect weather conditions.  Happy 4th of July!

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Wednesday, July 03 2013

A little too choppy in the inlet for my group this mourning so we decided to stay in the sound.  Plenty of skates, big rays, pin fish, croakers, and a few sea mullets.  Unfortunately no cobia bites for us though.  The boats that did make it offshore had good dolphin fishing with a few wahoo and marlins mixed in.  Weather should straighten out tomorrow and the rest of the week.

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