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Hatteras Fishing Report

Sunday, August 30 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/30/2015

Beautiful day on the water with plenty of action. We had a ton of wahoo bites today and managed to hang on to 7 and a few gaffers as well. The grass was scattered everywhere but other than that it was a perfect day. We have a few days open this coming week and the weather looks slick calm. Give us a call we can put together make up trips too $200 a person for some great fishing.

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Saturday, August 29 2015

Plenty choppy offshore today. My group wanted to try it and we caught a couple gaffers and some bailers before they decided they didn't want to be there anymore. Was plenty fishable and the boats that stayed had some wahoo and dolphin bites. Even a few sails caught as well. Weather should be beautiful next couple days and we have some days available. Give us a call and get that one last fishing trip in for the season.


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Thursday, August 27 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/27/2015

Pretty good wahoo fishing today until the weather turned ugly. We landed 4 out of 10 or so bites before the wind rain lightning and water spouts chased us back to the dock. Caught a little blackfin in the middle of the wahoo action as well. September is coming and we have alot of open days still. Wahoo fishing should be great so give us a call. We can put together make up groups if you don't have enough to fill the boat. $200 a person.

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Wednesday, August 26 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/26/2015

Wahoos didn't bite as good today bit we manged to catch one really nice one 55lbs. The dolphins showed back up and we were able to catch a limit by the end of the day. Had a 300lb blue marlin inhale a teaser but never came back and looked at anything else. Guess we'll have to put hooks in that one next time. Another great day of fishing here in Hatteras. Still have some days open next week so give us a call more wahoos on the way from the reports from down south.

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Tuesday, August 25 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/25/2015

Pretty good wahoo fishing again today. We didn't land as many of our bites but they ones we did catch were a little bigger today. We spent some time looking for some dolphins but only found a few that weren't very hungry. It was about as calm as it ever gets out there today just a great day to be on the water. We have a bunch of days open next week and the reports from down south show more wahoo on their way so should be more of the same great fishing. Give us a call if you interested. 252-996-0549

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Monday, August 24 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/24/2015

Fishing is still red hot here. Plenty of dolphin and lots of wahoo bites today. Grass was scattered everywhere but we were able shag it long enough to have a great catch. We still have Friday open this week. Give us a call if you want in on this great fishing.

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Wednesday, August 19 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/19/2015

Slick calm glassy with grass and dolphins everywhere. Everywhere we went today there was lots and lots of grass and plenty of dolphins. We manged to keep grass off the baits long enough to catch a limit of bailers a wahoo and a king. Had a few more wahoo bites we didn't hang on to. Also ran over 4 cobias on the way home.

We have a few days open this weekend and next week. Give us a call this good of fishing won't last forever.

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Tuesday, August 18 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/18/2015

More dolphins today. Easily caught our limit first thing. We spent most of the day looking for a wahoo bite. I managed to drive around most of them though. We missed one on the high speed and a couple on the deep rig. We couldn't keep any on the hook though. Pretty day on the water and a nice bunch of Mahi.

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Monday, August 17 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/17/2015

Another gorgeous day on the water. Slick calm glassy and red hot fishing. We found the bailer dolphin first thing and caught all we wanted. We picked at the wahoos the rest of the day for plenty of meat. We did manage to hang on to a sailfish in the deep which put on a great show at the boat. We have this Saturday and Sunday still if anyone is interested the fishing is red hot and the weather forecast looks great.

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Sunday, August 16 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/16/2015

Dolphin fishing continues to be great here. We easily caught our limit first thing. We pulled off a nice wahoo before the little guy starting feeling a little ill so we came in early.

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Thursday, August 13 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/13/2015

Great day on the water today. We started out finding a huge school of dolphin and easily caught our limit in a one stop shop. We spent the rest of the morning looking for a big bite and boy did we ever get it. We had a 200lb Blue Marlin crash a bait coming all the way out of the water on the bite. We didn't hang on to him but it was a spectacular bite none the less. We missed a sail fish in shallows a picked at the wahoos the rest of the day holding on to 3 nice ones for a heck of a catch. The fishing is red hot right now and we have some days available. Give us a call if you want in on some of this action. 252-996-0549

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Tuesday, August 11 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/11/2015

All the bailer dolphin we wanted today. Saw a couple marlins but couldn't get one to bite. They bite pretty good for a couple boats this afternoon and should be some really good fishing the next couple days. We have 3 spots available for a make up group this Thursday 8/13. $200 per person. Give us a call if you're interested.

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Monday, August 10 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/10/2015

We searched all over the deep for some dolphins and finally found a bunch. They weren't very hungry but we kept at it long enough to scrap out a decent catch for just two anglers. We did raise a 250 lb blue marlin to a teaser. It faded back to a long rigger and made a pass but never really made contact with the bait still fun to see though. On the way in the inlet this afternoon we spotted 2 cobias and picked off the bigger of the two(55lbs) to cap off a great day. We have a couple days open later in the week and it should be some good fishing.

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Saturday, August 08 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/8/2015

After a slow day yesterday I finally put these guys on some fish today before the weather chased us in early. Great dolphin fishing around the fleet today and quite a few wahoo bites as well.

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Thursday, August 06 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 8/6/2015

It was pretty ugly in the inlet this morning but we managed to beat our way through it and scrap out a decent catch of bailers and one nice wahoo.


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