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Hatteras Fishing Report

Saturday, August 31 2013

Great day on the water today.  Slick calm conditions and a few fish around.  We started out inside the break looking for a wahoo.  We had a couple bites but couldn't hang on to anything.  I decided to work offshore a little deeper and we found the birds on some yellowfins.  We got covered up a couple times and managed to hang on to a few.  Just had a few ladies on the boat today so it was a bit hectic at times.  In the middle of all that action we caught a couple sailfish and a few dolphin.  


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Friday, August 23 2013

Today we had some great weather and great fishing.  It was a little bumpy in the mourning with some west wind but it fell out all day and was slick calm by the afternoon.  We had pretty steady action all day with the wahoos.  We did make one lap out to the deep and had a mystery bite that probably was a billfish(white marlin or sailfish) but it didn't stayed hooked.  Late in the day a couple boats found a few dolphin on a grass line inshore and we were able to catch a few bailers and one nice gaffer on it to end a great day on the water.  

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Tuesday, August 20 2013

Today we had a make up charter and the Wahoo fishing again was really really good.  We started out catching 3 of our first 6 bites but our batting average went down hill from there.  We probably had 20 or more bites and pulled off quite a few fish half way to the boat. That's Wahoo fishing sometimes though.  We still had a nice catch with a couple gaffers and a decent blackfin tuna.  We did have a white marlin encounter but he did stay glued either.  Another pretty day on the water with great fishing!  Still have plenty of days available to get some of this Wahoo action.  Give us a call 252-996-0549.



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Monday, August 19 2013

With a pretty forecast and the full moon of August I decided to take some friends and my son McCoy offshore to look for some marlins.  The full moon in August has historically been a great time to see some really realy big blue marlin.  We had absolutely beautiful conditions to see some and I thought for sure we were going to get our chance.  Perfect bright blue marlin water no tide scattered grass lots of flyers and bonitas but for us no marlins.  We did find a big place of yellowfins on top busting which again I thought for sure there would be a blue marlin hanging around.  We managed to catch a few of them and a couple wahoo for some great dinner.  McCoy had a great time and it was absolutely beautiful offshore all day.  The wahoo fishing below where we were was great again today with several limits caught. Plenty of open days available to get in on some of this great fishing.  Give us a call and lets go fishing!  252-996-0549

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Thursday, August 15 2013

Afternoon Half day today.  Fishing was a little slow around the inlet but we did managed to catch a handful of nice spanish and some tailor blues before going a little deeper looking for something bigger.  We got a couple bites that pulled some string but turned out to just be great big fat Alberts.  The kids got to pull on them and had a great time.  Misting rain made the conditions a little tough but we had a good time anyway.  Offshore the wahoo fishing was pretty good with a couple blue encounters and a few sailfish.  

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Wednesday, August 07 2013

Today was another beautiful day to be on the water.  With my group saying that they wanted to try a catch a marlin I decided to fast troll all the way out to the deep.  When we got to the deep there was a scattered mess of grass and green water.  There were a few dolphins around but you had to find a float in the middle of the grass.  I spent all morning in the tower searching for a float and I finally found a small bucket that had a few dolphins on it.  We caught 25-30 from that and as I was working back inshore a bit I found another small tarp that had a few more dolphin under it and we caught another 20 or so from that.  After that I heard a couple reports of some marlin slightings in 60-80 fathoms.  I worked back inside and finally found some blue water and we managed to catch a nice white marlin that was all lit up and put on a show around the boat.  Ric climbed up in the tower and got some great shots of his new mother inlaw fighting it. Thanks again for the pics Ric and hope to see you guys again!


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Tuesday, August 06 2013

The fishing was a little scrappy for us today but we were still able to end up with a decent catch.  On the way out we had about a 30lb wahoo sky on the fast troll.  Only problem was he skyed on the trolling weight and bit it off.  We did manage to catch a pair of nice gaffers right away but we went a long time after that before we had another bite.  I went out to the deep looking for something that might hold a dolphin or two.  We found the yellow brick road for a grass line and I thought it was going to be on.  There was plenty of bait and and life on the grassline but NO dolphins.  It was the best grass line I've seen all summer and I still can't believe it wasn't holding atleast a few dolphins.  I decided to work back inside where there had been a few wahoo bites.  On the way back in we found some kind of air handler floating that was holding some dolphins.  Right as we got to it a 150lb blue marlin was on top eating a small jack and put on quite a show.  We circled around a couple times hoping to get a bite from him but no such luck.  We did manage to catch enough bailers around that float for a decent catch.  It was beautiful day to be on the water.


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