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Hatteras Fishing Report

Thursday, May 28 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 5/28/2015

Another great day cobia fishing. Caught a 79 and 59 first thing this morning then picked at the small fish all afternoon. Caught plenty of throw backs today as well. The smaller ones are starting to show up which usually means that they won't be here much longer so you better give us a call now before it's too late. We have a couple days open early next week after that these fish will probably be gone.


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Saturday, May 23 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 5/23

We struck out on the cobia today. We probably saw 12-15 fish but only got bites out of 2. We did find a huge school of big drum and caught and released a bunch. Seeing the water turn red with 100s of of 30-50lb drum is pretty cool. Another great day on the water. We still have several days open this week and the weather looks great. Give us a call and let's go fishing. 252-996-0549

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Thursday, May 21 2015

Southeaster today made it pretty tough going in the ocean.  We searched and search but conditions just weren't very favorable to see a cobia.  We did manage to find this 65 lber inside the inlet late in the afternoon.  The gin clear water has pushed back to the beach with this southeaster making it super easy to spot this one tracking up the shoal inside the inlet.  We did run over a couple more back in the sound running home as well. Looks like the fish are starting to move up into the inland waters so it won't be long before these guys are gone.  Better give us a call now and book a trip before its too late.  We still have some open days next week.  252-996-0549.

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Wednesday, May 20 2015

Beautiful day on the water today.  We found the mother load of Cobias this morning.  I don't even know how many fish we saw today but we saw atleast 5 different packs of 15-20 fish at a time.  We easily caught our limit and then some.  The wind breezed up and the clouds came mid morning so we headed back early.  These fish were all hungry today too.  We have plenty of open days available coming up so if you want to catch some of these bad boys give us a call.  252-996-0549

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Tuesday, May 19 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 5/19/2015

Had a half day Cobia trip today.  The coniditions had changed up from yesterday and the water was pretty murky on the shoals.  We found a few fish but most weren't really interested in eating except this 70lber.  If we are only gonna catch one this is the one to catch.  The fish are still here just on the bottom with the murky water they are awful tough to spot.  Hopefully the water clears up tomorrow.

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Monday, May 18 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 5/18/2015

Back after the cobias again today.  Plenty of fish on the shoals again today.  Little harder to spot today but we still caught plenty with one 74 lber in the mix.  This is about as good as inshore fishing can get.  We still have plenty of open days next week so give us a call before these things slide up north into the Bay.  252-996-0549

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Sunday, May 17 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 5/17/2015

Great day offshore today.  We found a pretty grass line that was holding plenty of gaffers out in the deep.  We picked at em all day and wound up with a great catch.  On the way in from the deep we caught a 350lb Blue Marlin as well.  Slick calm conditions and great fishing.  You can't get any better than this.  We have soome open days next week so give us a call if you want in on some of this action.

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Saturday, May 16 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 5/16/2015

Great day on the water today.  We found a HUGE class of cobias on the shoals today.  Had a 50, 60, 62, 74 and 82 lber today.  The water was gin clear and we could see them on the bottom in 20 feet of water making it easy to sight cast to them.   The fish are here and should stay for a while as we still have some cold water above us.  We have some days available next week so give us a call if you want to get after these guys.  252-996-0549

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Saturday, May 02 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 5/2/2015

The Dolphin have shown up early and there is some great fishing going on right now.  Plenty of Gaffer dolphins along with yellowfin and Blackfin Tunas and a few wahoo too.  The weather looks great for the first part of next week.  If you are thinking about a trip this spring now is the time to come full your freezer.  Lots of meat hitting the dock here lately so don't miss out on some great fishing.  Give us a call and let's go fishing. 252-996-0549

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Friday, May 01 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 05/01/2015

Still some great fishing going on here with lots of gaffer size Dolphin and Blackfin Tunas with a scattered wahoo and yellowfin tuna as well.  The fishing is red hot and the weather looks like it is going to be absolutely beautiful early next week.  We still have a few days available so nows your chance to take advantage of some great fishing and great weather.  Give us a call to book your charter today.

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