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Hatteras Fishing Report

Monday, February 09 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 2/9/2015

Today was another gorgeous day here in Hatteras.  There was a little SW wind in the early morning but it quickly died.  Temperatures were in the mid 60s with lots of sunshine.  Although it was plenty fishable I don't think anyone ventured offshore today other than the commercial boats.  There were plenty of dog sharks caught by the commercial fleet once again.   The water shot from today looks like the current has finally let up some just in time for the weather to turn to crap again.  Looks like its going to blow for a while and be some of the coldest weather of the year.  It sure was nice to have some warm days while they lasted.  Maybe this is the last blast of cold air and after this is will turn towards more spring like weather.  We are getting more and more phone calls for the summer bookings but we still have a few weekends left for some prime fishing days.  Give us a call or email before they are all gone. 

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Sunday, February 08 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 2/8/2015

SW winds at 25-30 kts kept everyone tied to the dock today.  While it was super windy and not a great day to be on the water,  it was a great day to be in Cape Hatteras for February.  The temps were in the mid to upper 60s and there was not a cloud in the sky.  Hopefully this means spring is coming early and we will have some great early season fishing.  With the Gulf Stream current running as hard as it was yesterday and the fact that a few dolphin(mahi) are already showing up, I think we will see some great spring fishing. 

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Saturday, February 07 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 2/7/2015

Pretty day on the water today with a mix bag of fish.  The current was about as fast as it ever gets on the rocks which made jigging kind of difficult.  We would get one drop on a mark and then spend 20 minutes trying to get back up current to the mark for another drop.  We did manage to wrestle a few nice size blackfins away from the sharks.  We did catch a couple small dolphin(mahi) which is pretty odd for February.  We also caught a big Dusky Shark while jigging as well.   We could have caught sharks all day long, so if you ever wanted to go catch a big shark now is a pretty good time.  One boat out in the deep hit the Yellowfins one time and caught 5 or 6 nice size fish.  It was good to here of a couple of them starting to show up.  There are plenty of balckfins on the rocks so if the current ever falls out then it's going to be some great fishing.  It was absolutely beautiful all day offshore until the ride home when the wind breezed up a little and made for a bumpy ride home.    

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Sunday, February 01 2015
Hatteras Fishing Report 2/1/2015

Finally made it back Offshore today.  The weather man wasn't exactly correct with his forecast but we managed to scrap out the day in some pretty trying conditions.  There was a MASSIVE swell once we got offshore and a little more wind than the forecast had called for.  The swell and wind were coming from opposite directions so it was all over the place.  The current was smoking up the beat on top of that so fishing was pretty difficult to say the least.  We found a pretty big area of Blackfins but they were staying deep trying to get out of the current I'm sure.  We got plenty of jigging bites but between the current stretching so much line out and the bigger class of fish pulling hard, by the time we got them near the boat the sharks would get them before we could.  We probably lost 25-30 real nice size Blackfins to the sharks.  If anyone ever tells you that sharks are endangered please slap them for me.  Anyway we did manage to catch a couple Blackfins and some nice size Sea Bass before the sharks could get em.  A pretty frustrating day overall but atleast we got to go fishing again. 

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