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Hatteras Fishing Report

Friday, November 25 2016
11/25/2016 Hatteras Fishing Report

They didn't bit as good as yesterday but still good enough for a great catch.  Slick calm glassy conditions made it that much better today.  

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Thursday, November 24 2016
Happy Thanksgiving Hatteras Fishing Report

The plan was to sneak out this morning and catch a few fish and be back in time for Turkey dinner.  The plan worked out better than we hoped as we landed right on the hungriest batch of fish we have seen all year and it was an absolute get down for a couple hours.  It was as good as it gets and we even made it back in by 3pm to enjoy a GREAT dinner with the family.  Not sure who chewed more the kings this morning or me this evening.  Hopefully I can wake up from the food coma I'm about to go into in time to go fishing tomorrow.

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Wednesday, November 23 2016

While I havent posted any reports for a little while we have had a couple days of decent fishing but the weather has kept us at the dock for the most part.  We caught a few fish today but came in a bit too early as a couple boats found them right a dark and they bit pretty good.  Tomorrow is Turkey day so hopefully they put the feed bag on like I plan to and we can sneak in a few hours before dinner.

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Thursday, November 03 2016
11/03/2016 Hatteras Fishing Report

They decided not to bite today but we managed to catch a few to cover fuel for a couple days.  Cant catch em everyday

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Wednesday, November 02 2016
11/02/2016 Hatteras Fishing Report

Back out after a couple days off and the kings are still here in good numbers.  Steady picked at them for the whole day and wound up with a decent catch.  Days are getting shorter but we are still catching em.

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Saturday, October 29 2016
10/29/2016 Hatteras Fishing Report

Another good day of commercial king mackeral fishing.  Plenty of kings around with some big blackfins mixed in.  This is a great sign for our winter jigging charter fishing season.  We have some great fishing in February if you can be flexible with your dates to go around the weather.  

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Thursday, October 27 2016
10/27/2016 Hatteras Fishing report

Back at it again today and wound up with another good catch of Kings.  Hopefully the price is still good.  Hatteras charter fishing at its finest.

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Wednesday, October 26 2016
10/26/2016 Hatteras Fishing Report

The Commercial king mackeral season is upon us.  We have switched over and will be mostly commercial fishing from now until the king mackerals are no longer around.  We will run the occasional  live bait trip whle the kings are here but mostly we concerntrate on commercial fishing.  This year is setting up to be a great commercial season.   

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Thursday, October 20 2016
Outer Banks Fishing Report for 10/20/2016
Hatteras Fishing Report for 10/20 -- Finally back out fishing again today and we found dirty water out to 70 fathoms. We decided to bottom fishing instead of hoping to find something out in the deep with not many boats to help look around. It was definitely the right choice as the big beeliners were chewing. We easily caught a limit and a few triggers and a couple jacks mixed in. A commercial boat had a sign of kings today so we are switching over and going commercial fishing for awhile.
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Sunday, October 02 2016
Outer Banks Fishing Report for 10/2/2016

Hatteras Fishing Report for 10/2/2016-- Wahoos, tunas and dolphins. Great fall fishing today with some beautiful weather.

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