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Hatteras Fishing Charters

Fishing Charteras Hatteras

Outer Banks Cobia Fishing

Hatteras has some of the best cobia fishing in the world as you can see from some of our pictures above.  As the water along the beach starts to warm up in May the Cobia migrate north to the Chesapeake Bay to spawn for the summer.  The water along the bottom typically is still colder so the Cobia come to the surface during the middle of the day to absorb some warmth from the sun.  This makes for some epic sight casting.  Typically we see schools of 3-6 fish at a time but it's not unusual to see schools up to 30-40 fish at a time.  This makes for some intense action with everyone on the boat hooking up simultaneously.  The bigger the school the hungrier they they seem to be.  Cobia fishing is some of our favorite fishing of the year.  Our super high tower with relatively small bow allows us to be able to spot fish well before they see us and position our anglers for the perfect cast.  Even the most leary fish, we can usually get a cast to from the tower before they ever know there is a boat in the area.  If you have ever fished for cobia in a fleet of boats you will undterstand just how skittish these fish can be.  Being able to spot them before they see you is a must.  Being 20-25 feet off the water in the tower gives us the eyes in the sky needed to spot fish well before anyone else around allowing us to get the first cast that the fish will see.  As the water warms up in late may early June the fish around diamond shoals tend to stick to the bottom more.  Being in the tower still allows us to see the big brown spots on the bottom that you would never be able to see standing on a tee top of a center console.  We have had many days where we were one of the few boats that were able to put together a great catch of big Cobia because we could see them on the bottom and be able to position a cast in the current to get the jig in front of them.  Cobia trips are great fun for any level of angler.  From the first time fisherman to the season vet everyone gets exicted seeing a 50lb fish race after that jig when it hits the water.  We usually start seeing the first groups of fish some time in early May and usually can catch them through the first or second week of June.  If you have never gone on a Cobia fishing trip I highly reccommend it.  A fair warning though as once catch one of these bad boys you might be hooked for life so be prepared.  Give us a call or email to booked your next Cobia trip.  (252) 996-0549

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