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Hatteras Wahoo Fishing

The waters off Cape Hatteras offer some of the finest wahoo fishing in the world. If you have ever been lucky enough to hook into one of these fine creatures you will know exactly why they are called wahoo.  As powerful as just about any fish in the ocean, wahoo are known for their fierce runs making even the biggest reels sing that sweet sound of peeling drag.  Wahoo are not only fun to catch they are one of my personal favorites to eat.  You can cook it a variety of ways and they only real way to screw it up is over cook it.  It makes great sushi or sashimi or just throw it on the grill with a touch of marinade of your choosing.  You can't go wrong.  My personal favorite wahoo dish is to take and butterfly a chunk where you can stuff the middle with some jumbo lump blue crap meat.  Throw a little butter over the the crab meat with some light blackening seasoning and lime juice over the fish.  Slap it in the oven for a few minutes and just before it is done throw a slice of montery jack cheese on top and turn it to broil for about a minute or two until the cheese is just about to brown on top.  My mouth is watering just thinking about.  I could eat this dish 5 nights a week and never get sick of it.  While wahoo can be caught just about year round here in the Outer Banks, the best time of year in Hatteras for wahoo is in mid to late August through mid October.  Give us a call or email and we can customize a Wahoo fishing trip for you.

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