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Saturday, May 28 2016
Outer Banks Fishing Report for 5/28/2016

Hatteras Fishing Report for 5/28/2016 -- Cobia fishing today and we saw 5 caught 1. Found the big drum and broke one off and pulled the hook on one next to the boat. Plenty of cobia seen around the fleet today but they didn't seem too hungry. Maybe they will be after this weather we are suppose to get the next couple of days.

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Friday, May 27 2016
Outer Banks Fishing Report for 5/27/2016

Hatteras Fishing Report for 5/27/2016 -- Half day this morning all the Spanish we wanted.  We spent some time looking for a cobia but to no avail. Have a couple days open next week and a couple more in June so if you want to go fishing the available days are going fast. Give us a call today. 252-996-0549

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Thursday, May 26 2016
Outer Banks Fishing Report for 5/26/2016

Hatteras Fishing Report for 5/26/2016 -- And then there was current... After not having much current most of the spring it appeared in full force today. 4.5kts even on the break shut the recent good fishing right off. We did scrap out a decent catch of gaffers on the first change. Spent the whole day trolling to the southwest and only covered about 7 miles of bottom in to the tide. Hopefully the tide runs itself out soon.

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Wednesday, May 25 2016
Outer Banks Fishing Report for 5/25/2016

Hatteras Fishing Report for 5/25/2016 -- Half day today and the conditions are finally getting better. We have had dirty water around the inlet for what seems like forever making almost impossible to see any cobia. If finally cleared up for a little while today and we were able to see and catch one. Wayne did a great job with this 48lber. Added a couple amberjacks and some Spanish for a nice half day catch. Starting to get booked up but have a few days left in June. Give us a call before we are all booked up. 252-996-0549

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Sunday, May 22 2016
Outer Banks Fishing Report for 5/22/2016

Hatteras Fishing Report for 5/22/2016 --  Started out looking for a cobia today. The water was super dirty along the beach so we decided to go do something different. Checked out a couple wrecks further offshore that were holding some big amberjack a few triggers and 1 lonely cobia. Not the best conditions but we scrapped out a pretty good catch. Offshore the gaffer dolphin fishing was really good and there was a pretty good sign of some big blue marlin. Have a few open days this week if you want to go while the fishing is hot give us a call. 252-996-0549


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Friday, May 20 2016
Outer Banks Fishing Report for 5/20/2016

Hatteras Fishing Report for 5/20/2016 --  We didn't start the day looking for a marlin but they quickly found us. We hung on to two whites and a sail but couldn't find the blue one. There were a few seen today just not by us. We did catch a few gaffers and a small blackfin before getting an early dismissal. Great day on the water

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Monday, May 09 2016
Outer Banks Fishing Report for 5/9/2016

Hatteras Fishing Report for 5/9/2016 -- Another pretty day on the water with excellent fishing. We steadily picked at the gaffer dolphin all day til we wound up with a great catch. There were several blue marlin seen today in the deep and some nice size cobia caught along the beach. Now is the time to be here so give us a call and book your trip while the fishing is hot. 252-996-0549

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Friday, May 06 2016
Hatteras Fishing Report 5/6/2016

Back offshore today.  While it was slick calm on the ride out once we got to the fishing grounds the wind breezed up rather quickly and made for a fairly choppy ocean.  We did manage to find a nice condition holding plenty of Gaffer Dolphin.  The choppy conditions made hanging on to them a challenge but Mike and the gang did a great job landing several on light tackle or spinning reels.  We even caught a nice "marsh marlin"(houndfish).  There are plenty of Mahi here and more on the way from the reports to the south.  We still have a few days open next week and the week after.  If you want to fill your freezer with nice sized Mahi(Dolphin) now is the time.  Don't wait til there gone to say "I wish we had gone fishign with them this year".  Give us a call to book your trip of a lifetime today.   252-996-0549

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Thursday, May 05 2016

We had a half day this morning.  We tried to venture offshore a couple miles to some of the nearshore wrecks but the weatherman lied to us so we didn't get to stay very long.  We did catch a handful of nice sea bass before we ran back to beach where the weatehr was a littel more manageable.  We looked around the inlet for a big drum or cobia but didn;t see any.  We did catch all the bluefish we wanted and a few spanish mackeral.  Its a good sign for things to come as more spanish and cobia are on the way for sure.

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Sunday, May 01 2016
Hatteras Fishing Report 5/1/2016

We are back in the water and ready to fish just in time for Nathan and the firemen from Roanoke, VA to cacth a nice mess of Gaffer Dolphin and a citation Wahoo.  We spent two long months at Capt Squid Boatworks making some major upgrades to the boat for the 2016 season.  While we didnt get everything we want accomplished we did get enough done to make her feel like a whole new boat.  If you have ever fished with us before, you with think we got a different boat when you fish with us this year.  We still have some days open in May for some great Mahi or Cobia action.  This is some of the best fishing of the year so don't miss out.  Give us a call to book your trip today.  252-996-0549.

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